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Olympic Torch Relay Route 2012

Prior to the start of the London Summer Games 2012, the Olympic Torch will be lit in Greece and then travel all across the UK. Local communities will be given the chance to prove their hospitality and sociality in daily evening celebrations of the Torch. The 70-day Olympic Torch Relay involves celebrations of local culture, stunning landscapes, historic places and outstanding individuals who were given the privilege to carry the Flame.

It is estimated that the Flame will come within reach of 10 miles for 95 percent of the UK's population, including the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands Jersey and Guernsey. Over 1,000 localities will welcome the Flame on its 8,000-mile journey from Land's End to London's Olympic Stadium, where the Torch will light the cauldron on July 27, 2012.

Day 1: 19 May - Land's End, Plymouth

The Olympic Torch Relay across the United Kingdom starts on Saturday, 19 May 2012, at Land's End, the most south-westerly point of Britain. Coming from Greece, the Olympic Flame will be welcomed in Cornwall and then travel on to Plymouth, (Devon) where the evening celebration will be held.

Day 2: 20 May - Exeter

Coming from Plymouth, the Olympic Flame will be brought to Exeter, Devon, and be welcomed with an evening event on Sunday, 20 May. Exeter boats much to see for tourists, like Exeter Cathedral or ancient city walls and underground passages. It is close to the legendary Jurassic Coast and Dartmoor National Park.

Day 3: 21 May - Taunton

The next big stop for the Olympic Torch is Taunton, on Monday, 21 May. The evening celebration in Somerset's county town will be held at Somerset County Cricket Ground. Taunton is known for its mixture of tradition and modernity, and you will be charmed by its old shops, farmers markets, and historic sites, as well as its contemporary pastimes.

Day 4: 22 May - Bristol

Having left Taunton, the Olympic Flame travels to Bristol. Known for its diversity and progressiveness in music, arts and industry, Bristol boasts over 450 green spaces and is a great city for cyclists. The evening celebration on 22 May will take place at Millennium Square and The Amphitheatre and is free to attend.

Day 5: 23 May - Cheltenham

After its stop in Bristol, the Olympic Flame will cross Filton, Chippenham, Calne, Marlborough, Chiseldon, Wroughton, Royal Wootton Bassett, Swindon, Cirencester, Stroud, Painswick, Brockworth and Shurdington to come to Cheltenham, where the evening celebration on Wednesday, 23 May will be held. Besides being a spa resort with natural springs, Cheltenham offers three hundred years of history to discover.

Day 6: 24 May - Worcester

After Cheltenham, the Olympic Torch will be brought to Worcester, site of the final battle of the English Civil War in 1651. The ancient city boasts medieval architecture, a stunning cathedral along with contemporary shopping and education facilities. The Olympic Flame will be greeted in Worcester on the 24th of May and travel on to Cardiff on the next day.

Day 7: 25 May - Cardiff

Cardiff, the capital of Wales, will welcome the Olympic Torch with an evening celebration on Friday, 25 May 2012, at Coopers Field. Cardiff is known for its many parks and open spaces and will charm you with its great natural beauty and Welsh hospitality.

Day 8: 26 May - Swansea

The second week of the Olympic Torch Relay sees its first stop in Swansea. You'll be surprised at how diverse Swansea is, offering tranquil countryside as well as bustling city life. Wales' second biggest city offers much to do and see for visitors and locals alike, such as cultural institutions or nightlife entertainment. The Torch celebration event will take place at Swansea's Singleton Park.

Day 9: 27 May - Aberystwyth

On 27 May, the Olympic Torch reaches Aberystwyth in south Wales. The seaside town is known as the cultural capital of Wales, surrounded by the Cambrian Mountains and Cardigan Bay. The castle ruins and the National Library of Wales are two very popular sights with tourists.

Day 10: 28 May - Bangor

After Aberystwyth, the Torch will come to Bangor, where the flame will be welcomed with an evening celebration on Monday, 28 May. Bangor offers many shops and restaurants and is dominated by university life, so the celebration will certainly be exuberant!

Day 11: 29 May - Chester

Chester is the next stop of the Olympic Torch Relay. The almost 2,000-year-old city is known for its summer festivals and 2012 won't be an exception! The flame will be welcomed on May 29, along with a big celebration, before the Torch travels on to Stoke-on-Trent the next day.

Day 12: 30 May - Stoke-on-Trent

Hanley Park in Stoke-on-Trent will hold the evening ceremony for the arrival of the Olympic Flame on Wednesday, May 30. However, the Torch Relay is not the only connection this Staffordshire city has with the Olympics. It also includes an Olympic-standard training centre for the Tour of Britain cycling race, which also takes place in Stoke-on-Trent.

Day 13: 31 May - Bolton

After a short detour over Warrington and Wigan, the Flame will arrive in Bolton on the evening of May 31. The Spa Road Playing Fields will be the venue for the evening celebration, where the market town can live out its passion for sports. Visitors to Bolton will love its variety of tourist attractions, such as Le Mans Crescent, the Reebok Stadium and the Town Hall.

Day 14: 1 June - Liverpool

Home to the Beatles, Liverpool is renowned for its musical accomplishments. This very diverse city invites the Olympic Flame and all visitors to the evening celebration on June 1. Additionally, Liverpool offers numerous cultural attractions such as the Liver Building, the Tate Liverpool, Penny Lane, Sefton Park or the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic.

Day 15: 2 June - Isle of Man

Leaving the British mainland, the Olympic Torch visits the Isle of Man of the 2nd of June. It will cross Castletown, Ballasalla, Onchan, Laxey and the island's capital Douglas before it goes on to Portrush on the next day. The Isle of Man is especially well-known for the annual TT Race taking place in the mountains.

Day 16: 3 June - Portrush

Sunday, June 3, will be a big day for Portrush. The seaside town will welcome the Olympic Flame for the evening celebration. Sports is a big issue in Portrush, as they have a large watersports centre, great surfing beaches and the town is home of the US Open Champion Graeme McDowell.

Day 17: 4 June - Derry ~ Londonderry

Derry, also referred to as Londonderry, is the second-biggest city in Northern Ireland. The sixth-century city combines cultural heritage with 21st-century life, which you will see when attending the evening celebration on the 4th of June. Derry is known for its cultural diversity, and was awarded the title of UK City of Culture 2013.

Day 18: 5 June - Newry

Newry in County Down, Northern Ireland, is the next stop on the route. The Olympic Flame evening celebration will be held on June 5 in this ancient city, before the Torch will be sent over Dublin to Belfast. Newry is located at the entry to the 'Gap of the North', near the Irish border.

Day 19: 6 June - Belfast

After a short visit to Ireland's capital Dublin on June 6, the evening celebration will be hosted by Belfast. Northern Ireland's capital city welcomes the Olympic Torch in its City Hall, which is an attraction for itself. Belfast lies in a popular golf region, and is surrounded by great landscapes such as the Causeway Coast and the Mountains of Mourne.

Day 21: 8 June - Glasgow

Three weeks after the beginning of the Olympic Torch Relay, the Flame will arrive in Glasgow. Scotland's largest city is known for its cultural importance within the UK and Europe. Some Olympic Football matches will be played in Glasgow this year, and in 2014 the city will be hosting the Commonwealth Games. The Olympic Torch evening celebration on June 8 will be the prelude for these big events, and you can look forward to an amazing festivity!

Day 22: 9 June - Inverness

The UK's most northerly city, Inverness, (Scotland) is home to the oldest Highland Games Stadium and will welcome the Olympic Torch in Northern Meeting Park on Sunday, 9 June, before the Flame moves on to Orkney the next day.

Day 23: 10 June - Orkney

On Sunday, June 10, the Flame will once again leave UK mainland to visit the Orkney Islands in the island capital, Kirkwall. The Neolithic heartland on Orkney is UNESCO world heritage site and definitely worth a visit.

Day 23: 10 June - Shetland

Lerwick on the Shetland Islands will welcome the Olympic Torch right after Orkney on June 10. Shetland is the UK's northernmost part and offers beautiful landscapes as well as a rich culture. It's enormous 2,702 km long coastline makes up 16% of Scotland's coast.

Day 24: 11 June - Isle of Lewis, Aberdeen

On Monday, June 11, the Flame arrives on the Isle of Lewis, north-west of the Scottish Highlands. This is the perfect place for surfing, fishing, cycling, golfing or walking in Scotland. From here, the Olympic Torch Relay will lead to Aberdeen in the north-east of Scotland's mainland.

Coming from the Isle of Lewis, the Olympic Flame will be welcomed with a ceremony in Aberdeen's Castle Gate Square on the evening of June 11. Aberdeen is Scotland's third largest city after Glasgow and Edinburgh and is located between the two rivers Don and Dee.

Day 25: 12 June - Dundee

Next stop is Dundee, on the 12th of June. The Olympic Torch Relay passes this vibrant city and stops for a ceremony on this Tuesday evening. Dundee is rich in heritage and culture, see St Mary's Tower, Broughty Castle or The McManus Art Gallery and Museum.

Day 26: 13 June - Edinburgh

The evening celebration event in Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh, will impress you on Wednesday, June 13, in Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh is not only home to the Scottish Parliament, but also UNESCO World Heritage City and UNESCO City of Literature. Sport fans will love Edinburgh's multiplicity, offering golf, rugby, rock climbing, cricket, football, sailing, surfing, skiing, cycling, and hiking.

Day 27: 14 June - Alnwick

After its big welcome in Edinburgh, the Olympic Torch moves on to Alnwick in Northumberland, where an evening celebration will be held on June 14. The town is dominated by narrow alleyways and its amazing coastline. History is visible everywhere in Alnwick and there is a lot to explore!

Day 28: 15 June - Newcastle

Friday, 15 June sees the Olympic Flame come to Newcastle upon Tyne. The Great North Run, the annual half-marathon with the most participants in the world, starts at Newcastle. Tourism in the city is booming as well, with much to do and see and many fine hotels and restaurants.

Day 29: 16 June - Durham

It is said that Durham is England's most romantic city. Come and see for yourself what this unique place has to offer. The world heritage site of Durham Cathedral, dramatic landscapes, several well-known museums and one of the best universities in England make Durham an unparalleled place of interest. The Olympic Flame will arrive in Durham on the 16th of June, where it will be celebrated at Aykley Heads Park.

Day 30: 17 June - Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough in North Yorkshire will welcome the Olympic Torch with an evening festivity on June 17. This city boasts everything you need during your stay - from shopping facilities over parks to cultural institutions. Middlesbrough is close to the North Yorkshire Moors, Saltburn-by-the-Sea and Robin Hood's Bay.

Day 31: 18 June - Hull

After Middlesbrough, the Torch will travel to Hull, where it arrives on Monday, June 18. The celebration event will be held at West Park. Hull is a very popular sport city for rugby, football and ice hockey, and it also features popular museums and a wonderful coastline.

Day 32: 19 June - York

Cathedral city York combines the old and the new in a unique way. It is rich in heritage and very modern, and was named 'Science City' and 'Cycle City', currently nominated for UNESCO 'Creative City' and 'World Heritage Site'. The Olympic Torch celebration will take place on 19 June in this miscellaneous city in North Yorkshire.

Day 33: 20 June - Carlisle

Coming from York, the Olympic Torch Relay leads on to Carlisle. Numerous attractions such as Carlisle Castle, Carlisle Cathedral or an award-winning shopping centre invite you to visit this Cumbrian city. Bitts Park will be the venue for Olympic celebrations on the evening of 20 June, 2012.

Day 34: 21 June - Bowness-on-Windermere

Heart of the Lake District, Bowness-on-Windermere welcomes the Flame on June 21. The former fishing village has been a visitor attraction for years, partly because of Lake Windermere, which is England's largest lake and venue for the Great North Swim.

Day 35: 22 June - Blackpool

It's half-time for the Olympic Torch! On Friday, 22 June, the Flame will arrive in Blackpool for its 35th evening celebration. Amidst stunning Victorian architecture, you will find evening entertainment in Blackpool not only for the Olympics, but all the year around. Come and find out why Blackpool is Britain's most popular beach resort!

Day 36: 23 June - Manchester

Saturday, 23 June will be celebrated in Manchester. Excellent accommodation and cultural attractions make Manchester one of the best UK cities for a short break. Several free museums and historic sites invite tourists to find out more about the region's past and present. The arrival of the Olympic Torch will be celebrated on the evening of 23 June at Albert Square.

Day 37: 24 June - Leeds

Close to the Yorkshire Dales and with plenty of green spaces, Leeds is a relaxing and inviting city in the heart of the UK. It is renowned for its three universities and the "Best Tall Building in the World" winning Broadcasting Place. Temple Newsam will be the setting for the Olympic Torch celebration in Leeds, taking place on the evening of Sunday, 24 June.

Day 38: 25 June - Sheffield

The Flame will continue to Sheffield, where celebrations will be held on the 25th of June at Barker's Pool and City Centre. Places of interest in and around Sheffield are Peak District National Park, the Peace Gardens and the Sheffield Theatre Complex. Interesting galleries and museums spread knowledge of Sheffield's past and invite you to take in some culture during your stay in Sheffield.

Day 39: 26 June - Cleethorpes

Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire is a popular seaside resort and offers many attractions for family holidays. The evening celebration event will be held on June 26 at Meridian Park and admission is free, so come and join Cleethorpes' residents in their Olympic celebrations!

Day 40: 27 June - Lincoln

One month before the London Summer Games begin, the Torch Relay leads to Lincoln. The over 2,000-year-old city unites the old and the new like hardly any other city does. When visiting Lincoln for the Olympic Torch Relay event on June 27, you should not miss Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln Castle and the Theatre Royal.

Day 41: 28 June - Nottingham

Home of Robin Hood, Nottingham is popular for its rich culture, featuring theatres, galleries, museums and much more! It is one of the UK's six Science Cities and attracts 150,000 people each year with its Riverside Festival, while the famous Goose Fair is visited by 500,000 people annually. Nottingham hosts the welcome ceremony for the Torch on its Old Market Square, which is the largest public space in the UK after London's Trafalgar Square.

Day 42: 29 June - Derby

Derby is Britain's most central city, and 80% of British population can be reached from Derby within only 2 hours by car. Peak District National Park is close-by, and there are several National Trust and UNESCO World Heritage sites to visit in and around Derby. The Olympic Torch evening celebration on 29 June will take place at Darley Park.

Day 43: 30 June - Birmingham

Birmingham invites you to celebrate the Olympic Torch Relay in its Canon Hill Park on the 30th of June. This city has something to offer for everyone. A diverse arts scene, excellent restaurants and more parks than any other city in Europe. Lawn tennis has its origins here and the first football league was founded in Birmingham in 1888. So far, over 100 Olympians have been from Birmingham and the great training facilities have attracted Olympic teams to exercise here for the games.

Day 44: 1 July - Coventry

On Day 44 of the Olympic Torch Relay, the Flame will arrive in Coventry, Warwickshire. This interesting city boasts with a stunning cathedral, a fine medieval guildhall, and a museum with the world's largest British transport section. The celebrations on Sunday, July 1, will be held at the War Memorial Park in Coventry, and admission is free.

Day 45: 2 July - Leicester

Leicester is England's eighth largest city and full of architectural innovation. Several world-famous sports teams are based in Leicester, and there are also many popular galleries and the National Space Centre. Visit Leicester for the Olympic Torch celebrations on 2 July and you'll be surprised about the city's diversity.

Day 46: 3 July - Peterborough

Peterborough's nightlife is legendary, so no wonder there will be a big evening celebration when the Olympic Torch arrives on July 3. The city hosts several festivals throughout the year, such as the CAMRA Beer Festival, the East of England Show and the Peterborough Festival. Museums and historic buildings complete the charm of this Cambridgeshire city.

Day 47: 4 July - Norwich

On Wednesday, 4 July, all the pre-Olympic attention goes to Norwich. The popular city is known for its diverse festivals and has a reputation for being one of the top UK tourist destinations, which is not surprising as Norwich has many attractions to visit - take for example Norwich Castle or the over 30 medieval churches and cathedrals.

Day 48: 5 July - Ipswich

Ipswich is a very sportive town, offering many different sports venues less than an hour by train away from the Olympic Park. Some Olympians will be training in Ipswich before the Games begin. The town offers cultural entertainment as well, as there are many museums and art galleries for you to visit before or after the Olympic Torch event on 5 July.

Day 49: 6 July - Chelmsford

On Friday, 6 July, the Olympic Torch Relay leads to Chelmsford (Essex). The countryside town hosts the annual V Festival, which is a large international music festival, and the biggest Race for Life charity run in the area. The Torch celebration will be held at Hylands Park and entry is free.

Day 50: 7 July - Cambridge

Cambridge is world-renowned for its university. However, the city has so much more to offer, such as an ancient market operating since the middle ages, or museums and theatres with live music. The Olympic Torch Relay will be celebrated here with a feast on Day 50 of the Relay, the evening of July 7.

Day 51: 8 July - Luton

After Cambridge, the Olympic Flame will be welcomed in Luton on July 8. Luton International Carnival is a big event each year, and we can expect the Olympic Torch event to be equally impressing. Nightlife in Luton is great and there are numerous bars and restaurants to enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of this town.

Day 52: 9 July - Oxford

Just like Cambridge, Oxford is also famous for its university, as well as its rich heritage, culture and architectural excellence. Oxford University is the oldest English-speaking university in the world and among its famous alumni are Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, David Cameron, Oscar Wilde, J.R.R. Tolkien, John Donne, and a few dozen Olympic medal-winners. The evening celebration for the Olympic Flame will take place in Oxford's South Park on July 9.

Day 53: 10 July - Reading

Not far from Oxford, Reading (Berkshire) features many attractions for visitors interested in culture, history or architecture. There is also a large shopping complex and many green spaces. The Madejski Stadium is one of the best places to watch Rugby in England. When the Olympic Torch Relay passes Reading, there will be an evening celebration on July 10.

Day 54: 11 July - Salisbury

Salisbury will host an Olympic Torch celebration event in Hudson Fields on 11 July. The city is located close to the Neolithic site Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral features Britain's highest spire.

Day 55: 12 July - Weymouth and Portland

Weymouth and Portland (Dorset) will be host to the Olympic Torch on the 12th of July. With the 2012 Sailing events being held at the Jurassic Coast (World Heritage Site), the Torch Relay celebration is not the only big event in Weymouth & Portland this year.

Day 56: 13 July - Bournemouth

Bournemouth offers wonderful beaches, water sports and many attractions. Entertainment can be found everywhere in Bournemouth, from live music over seaside restaurants to night clubs. A special event will take place on 13 July, when the Olympic Torch arrives in Bournemouth and an evening celebration will be held.

Day 57: 14 July - Southampton

Saturday, 14 July, sees the Olympic Flame come to Southampton. The harbour city offers musicals, theatres, concerts, museums, art galleries, restaurants, nightlife venues, shopping centres and much more. Two universities attract many students and thus contribute to the diversity of Southampton's population.

Day 58: 15 July - Guernsey, Jersey, Portsmouth

Once again, the Olympic Torch leaves UK mainland and travels to Guernsey, the second largest of the Channel Islands. Guernsey's residents live in close touch with nature, which is why floral festivals and walking weeks are very popular on the island. It also features a Literary Festival, a Photography Festival, excellent cuisine and a stunning coastline.

After Guernsey, the Torch will travel right on to Jersey, where it will be welcomed on the same day, Sunday 15 July. Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands and is very popular with hikers, cyclists and surfers. The best tourist attractions in Jersey are Mont Orgueil Castle, Durrell Wildlife Park, Elizabeth Castle and the Jersey War Tunnels.

The evening celebration on July 15 will take place in Portsmouth, where the Flame will travel after its stops in Guernsey and Jersey. The mixture of old and new creates Portsmouth's unique charm, which makes the city one of Britain's favourite coastal destinations. The evening celebration will be held at Southsea Common.

Day 59: 16 July - Brighton & Hove

Monday, 16 July takes the Torch to Brighton & Hove, where an evening celebration will be held. The city is famous for its outdoor events such as the Brighton Marathon, Fat Boy Slim's Big Beach Boutique or White Night. Of course, the Olympic Torch event will also be held outdoors, right on Brighton's seafront.

Day 60: 17 July - Hastings

Hastings (East Sussex), most well-known for the Battle of Hastings in 1066, is a historic medieval fishing town, offering a Shipwreck Museum and a Fishermen's Museum. There will be an evening Torch celebration event on July 17 before the Relay leads on to Dover.

Day 61: 18 July - Dover

On Day 61 of the Olympic Torch Relay, the Flame will visit Dover. Famous for its white cliffs, Dover is a historic seaside town and the "Gateway to Britain". The nearby coastal towns of Deal and Sandwich are also worth a visit during your stay in Dover, as Deal is one of the first Georgian New Towns and Sandwich is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Britain.

Day 62: 19 July - Maidstone

Maidstone will celebrate the Olympic Flame's arrival on Thursday, 19 July. The county town of Kent is famous for the River Festival, which is held at the river Medway.

Day 63: 20 July - Guildford

Friday, 20th July will be an evening of celebration in Guildford for the arrival of the Olympic Torch. The town has excellent shopping and leisure facilities, as well as stunning architecture and a university. Guildford Castle is a popular tourist attraction and well worth a visit during your stay in Surrey.

Day 64: 21 July - London: Waltham Forest

Waltham Forest in London holds a celebration event for the Olympic Torch on Saturday, 21 July. Green open spaces, Art Deco landmarks and Edwardian architecture invite you to enjoy Waltham Forest's unique blend of heritage and modernity. Close to the Olympic Village are sport courts for some Olympian teams to train before the event.

Day 65: 22 July - London: Bexley

Bexley is situated between central London and Kent and thus combines the best of both. The London borough includes the towns Bexleyheath, Welling, Sidcup, Erith and Crayford and hosts the annual Danson Festival. Bexley also offers 90 parks and 400 sports clubs, and is host to the Olympic Torch evening celebrations on 22 July.

Day 66: 23 July - London: Wandsworth

Wandsworth is often referred to as the Brighter Borough, because its residents are among the happiest in the UK. A large shopping area, close proximity to London's centre and several hundred listed buildings make Wandsworth so special. The Olympic Flame will visit Wandsworth on 23 July for an evening celebration at Tooting Bee Common.

Day 67: 24 July - London: Ealing

Ealing is well-known for its film studios, which produced many comedies in the 1950s and 60s. Often referred to as the "Queen of the Suburbs", Ealing includes some great open spaces such as the Ealing Common, Walpole Park, and Northala Fields. The evening celebration for the Olympic Torch Relay will be held on the 24th of July, three days before the beginning of the London Summer Games 2012.

Day 68: 25 July - London: Haringey

Two days before the London Summer Games 2012 begin, the Olympic Torch will arrive in Haringey for an evening celebration. Haringey features many boutiques and shopping venues, as well as green parks such as Lee Valley Regional Park. At night time, Haringey boasts numerous pubs, bars and restaurants for your entertainment.

Day 69: 26 July - London: Westminster

London's most famous borough is home to the Royal Family and the British Government. Compared to all other boroughs, Westminster has the most tourist attractions, e.g. Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and Trafalgar Square. The very last evening Torch celebration before the start of the Games will be held here on 26 July.

Day 70: 27 July - London: The Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Torch Relay will find its end in the arrival at the Olympic Stadium in London, where the Opening Ceremony of the Games will be held on 27 July 2012.