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Forest, Guernsey Tourist Information

Forest is a parish of Guernsey, Channel Islands. It is the highest parish on the island, with an altitude of up to 100m, and located in the south of Guernsey.

Petit Bôt is one of the most popular beaches in Forest. Another one is Portlet, but this one is only accessible by boat or swimming from Petit Bôt. Most of the other coasts in Forest are steep cliffs.

Forest in Guernsey is a great destination for a family holiday and there are plenty of tourist attractions to keep you all busy!

Must See and Do Tourist Attractions in Forest, Guernsey

When you are in Forest, you are highly recommended to visit the parish church and the German Occupation Museum. It opened in 1966 and features large collections of war memorabilia from the time when Guernsey was occupied by the Germans during WWII (1940-1945).

The area of Le Bigard also attracts many tourists because of its genuine charme, with old traditional cottages and hedgerows this area is popular with cyclists.

Family Days out in Forest, Guernsey

Its safe beaches and the beautiful scenery make Forest are suitable destination for visitors of every age. Forest offers a range of child friendly hotels for your family holidays.

Shopping in Forest, Guernsey

Gift shops and supermarkets in Forest provide all the amenities you need.

You can shop VAT free on the Channel Islands.

Sport in Forest, Guernsey

Popular sports in Forest are cricket, table tennis and surfing.

Transport in Forest, Guernsey

Guernsey's airport (GCI) is located in Forest, so Forest is easily accessible by aeroplane. The following passenger airlines operate at Guernsey Airport: Air Berlin, Aurigny Air Services, Blue Islands, Flybe and VLM for Cityjet.

There are buses running across the island to bring you to almost every destination on Guernsey. Ferries operate between Guernsey and Jersey, the UK and France.

Official Tourism Office for Forest, Guernsey

Forest Parish Information

Forest Douzaine Room

Rue des Landes



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