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Serra de Água Tourist Information

Serra de Água is a parish of Ribeira Brava, on the island of Madeira, Portugal. The parish is located in the valley of Ribeira Brava and surrounded by mountains, cliffs and forests.

Must See and Do Tourist Attractions in Serra de Água

You will find many waterfalls, flowers, beautiful paths and trails in Serra de Água. The Serra de Água mother church is worth a visit during your stay in Madeira. Miradouro da Encumeada is a popular viewing point with a great sight on the surrounding region.

Family Days out in Serra de Água

Take a walk in the beautiful region surrounding Serra de Água. Hotels in Serra de Água are generally child friendly and very welcoming to families.

Sport in Serra de Água

Serra de Água is an ideal location to start one of the famous Levada Walks. The following routes cross or start in Serra de Água: Levada da Serra de Água ao Curral das Freiras, Da Central da Serra de Água à Eira do Mourão, PR 12 Caminho Real da Encumeada and Levada da Encumeada ao Pico Ruivo.

Shopping in Serra de Água

You will find everything you need in the local supermarkets and small shops in Serra de Água.

Nightlife in Serra de Água

There are some nice restaurants where you can spend your evenings in Serra de Água. Taberna de Poncha in Serra de Água serves the traditional Madeiran drink Poncho, which consists of lemon, sugar, rum and honey.
If you want more nightlife entertainment, take a bus to Madeira's capital Funchal.

Transport in Serra de Água/ Madeira

The road from Ribeira Brava to São Vicente leads you directly to Serra de Água. Madeira International Airport (FNC) in Funchal offers frequent flights to and from Madeira. Madeira has an extensive bus system which transports you across the island.

Official Tourism Office for Serra de Água/ Madeira

Avenida Arriaga Tourist Office
Avenida Arriaga, 16
9004-519 Funchal