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Santo da Serra Tourist Information

Santo António da Serra is a civil parish in the municipality of Machico, on Madeira, Portugal. It is located between Funchal and Camacha and contains the Blandy Park, which is home to deer and horses, as well as non-indigenous species like kangaroos.

Another parish called Santo António da Serra is located nearby, in Santa Cruz.

Must See and Do Tourist Attractions in Santo da Serra

Popular places in the parish are Ribeira de Machico, Igreja, Fajã dos Rolos, Fajã das Vacas, Margaça, Lombo das Faias, Lamaceiros and Achada do Barro.

Family Days out in Santo da Serra

Children will love Blandy Park. You can spend the whole day walking around watching animals and exploring the natural scenery.

Sport in Santo da Serra

If you are interested in golfing, you should have a look at the Santo da Serra Golf course (the venue for the annual PGA tournament in Madeira).

Shopping in Santo da Serra

At the weekends, there is a market in the centre of the village where you can buy all kinds of goods quite cheaply.

Nightlife in Santo da Serra

Santo da Serra provides a few local restaurants and buses run to and from Madeira's nightlife capital Funchal frequently.

Transport in Santo da Serra/ Madeira

Santo da Serra is located at the main road from Funchal to Camacha.

Madeira International Airport (FNC) in Funchal offers frequent flights to and from Madeira.
Cruise ships also take you to Madeira and a ferry ships you to Portimão (Algarve) once a week.
Madeira has an extensive bus system which transports you across the island.

Official Tourism Office for Santo da Serra/ Madeira

Avenida Arriaga Tourist Office
Avenida Arriaga, 16
9004-519 Funchal