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Santana Tourist Information

Santana is a municipality at the northern coast of Madeira, near Portugal. It consists of six parishes, namely Arco de São Jorge, Faial, Ilha, Santana, São Jorge and São Roque do Faial.

Santana is surrounded by mountainous landscape and the Laurissilva Forest (UNESCO World Heritage). It offers fine beaches and a small port and includes the Rocha do Navio Nature Reserve.

Must See and Do Tourist Attractions in Santana

Visitors to Santana are often impressed by the traditional colourful houses constructed with triangular rooftops covered with straw. Those formerly rural homes painted white with red doors and blue-framed windows are preserved as tourist attractions.
You can find the Madeira Theme Park in Santana. The park was opened in 2004 and gives insights into Madeiran culture, history and tradition.

If you visit Santana in July, you might want to attend the annual festival of music and dance ('24 horas a bailar') which is held for locals and tourists.

Family Days out in Santana

Madeira Theme Park is interesting for the whole family.

Sport in Santana

Some of the famous Levada Walks cross or start in Santana, such as the Santana to São Jorge, Levada do Cantinho, Pico da Boneca, Ribeiro Frio to Santana and Queimadas to Santana.

Shopping in Santana

The "bordado da Madeira" (embroidery) is produced in Santana and can be purchased in some of the small shops. Further facilites in Santana include a supermarket, pharmacy, post office, bank and some restaurants.

Nightlife in Santana

Santana provides several restaurants for your night out in Madeira.

Transport in Santana/ Madeira

Madeira International Airport (FNC) in Funchal offers frequent flights to and from Madeira.
Cruise ships also take you to Madeira and a ferry ships you to Portimão (Algarve) once a week.
Madeira has an extensive bus system which transports you across the island.

Official Tourism Office for Santana

Santana Tourist Office
Sítio do Serrado
9230 Santana