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    • 4
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      Really good for 2 nights. I stayed at the central pitch. Enough space between the tents. The loch side pitches are quite a bit apart. Composting toilets work well....
      22 Aug 2019read review
    • 4
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      Great location, easy campsite, nice staff, fair prices, no showers, clean compost toilet (no smell at all)
      20 Aug 2019read review
    • 5
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      Here's a little video that shows you around..https://youtu....
      20 Aug 2019read review
    • 5
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      Loch pitches are the way to go! Loads of privacy and very quiet. The wardens are terrific and would definitely stay again.
      14 Aug 2019read review
    • 4
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      Fantastic view on Loch Lomond. Ideal for hikers, kayakers and backpackers. There are (compost) toilets and a sink with drinking water. But no showers. The wardens are kind....
      13 Aug 2019read review
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Ponta Delgada Tourist Information

Ponta Delgada is part of São Vincente on Madeira, located south of the Atlantic coast, north of the mountains and west of Santana. It is among the hottest civil parishes of São Vincente, which makes Ponta Delgada a perfect destination for warm summer holidays.

Must See and Do Tourist Attractions in Ponta Delgada

A popular tourist attraction in Ponta Delgada is the House of Tiles. The village church Imaculado Coração de Maria dates back to the 15th century and hosts an annual religious festival at the beginning of September, which attracts visitors as well as pilgrims.
The new pool complex by the seaside is located near the house museum of Horácio Bento de Gouveia, a well-known writer and journalist.

Family Days out in Ponta Delgada

Hotels in this region are generally child friendly and very welcoming to families. The beaches are safe and ideal to relax together with your family. The Ponta Delgada pool complex offers a safe children's pool as well as one for adults.

Sport in Ponta Delgada

You can also go walking or cycling to enjoy the beauty of the landscape surrounding Ponta Delgada.
The well-known Madeira Levadas walks take you through green forests and across the Levadas (mini-canals) of Madeira.

Shopping in Ponta Delgada

Local supermarkets and small shops provide all the necessities for during your stay in Ponta Delgada.

Nightlife in Ponta Delgada

Nightlife in the village of Ponta Delgada mainly consists of a few bars and restaurants in the centre, but buses run to and from Madeira's nightlife capital Funchal frequently.

Transport in Ponta Delgada/ Madeira

Madeira International Airport (FNC) in Funchal offers frequent flights to and from Madeira.
Cruise ships also take you to Madeira and a ferry ships you to Portimão (Algarve) once a week.
Madeira has an extensive bus system which transports you across the island.

Official Tourism Office for Ponta Delgada/ Madeira

Avenida Arriaga Tourist Office
Avenida Arriaga, 16
9004-519 Funchal