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Hotels in Faja da Ovelha, Madeira

Located in the municipality of Calheta is Fajã da Ovelha. It is partly situated on a rock and has a small chapel at its centre. Fajã da Ovelha can be found between Prazeres and Ponta.

The Travellers Guide has a selection of hotels and guest houses in Fajã da Ovelha, listed below. Please view our hotel offers page for the latest special offers for a range of hotels in Fajã da Ovelha.

Tourists are have a great choice of leisure activities in and around Fajã da Ovelha, for example taking a fishing trip, a helicopter flight or a day trip along the Levadas (mini-canals which provide the essential water for Madeira's green landscape). Cruise liners operate between Madeira and the neighbouring island Porto Santo.